Anonymous asked:

Wait, did you break up with music writing?! Say it ain't so!

I don’t know that music-writing and I were ever, like, exclusive? But sure, I’ve been spending more time with various forms of not-music-writing over the past couple years. I could say this isn’t great news for everybody, but it ain’t so.

softkitten asked:

How do you feel about PC Music crew?

Pretty good, really good, damned good. I have “liked” various new music-things over past months, as humans with ears tend to do, but these right here Hannah Diamond tracks were the main among them to elicit that hooky-grabby eyes-open what-is-this-remarkable-thing feeling. “Attachment” sounds like the emotional life of a marionette. I am deliberately ignorant of broader context and have no particular insights into much beyond the liking part.

This culture’s constantly rehearsed platitudes about bravery and chasing dreams and being yourself and climbing mountains and only living once —

all of which should ostensibly remind us that death is real and life is real and these things combine to create very high stakes and genuine urgency, often even a very grim urgency concerning our behavior and decisions and the highly finite number of them we will ever be able to make —

somehow instead tend to do the exact opposite; the platitudes are mouthed precisely when people are at their most glib and ignorant of meaning and dismissive of urgency.

Point being YOLO should be a terrifying term that makes you picture your corpse and the corpses of your loved ones and conclude that whatever idiot thing you’re screaming YOLO about is almost certainly a waste of your limited human window of decision-making.

Thank you for your (all-too-precious) time.