So a feature I wrote for New York mag — on Grizzly Bear, making a living as an musician, and what “big” means — is on this week’s cover: you can read it here.

The magazine’s really punched up the money issue, especially in the print edition (the cover itself is sort of alarming), but I do want to mention something else, the point that, for me, the whole thing revolves around. It seems to me that a lot of the discourse around music has a habit of speaking as if the artists’ decisions are deliberate — that the songs they write, or albums they release, are propositions about what they think is good or cool or interesting. And talking to the guys in this band offers a very good reminder of how much that’s not necessarily the case, and how much the sound of the music we listen can be a matter of internal process and groups of people just pushing forward to make something that feels satisfying to have made. (Followed by a lot of hard work to stay able to make more.)

Sometimes music listeners talk as if artists are running the show: there’s a stage, and these musicians are standing on it, addressing us. And then sometimes musicians talk as if listeners are running the show: they make music for their own pleasure, and then a vast and fickle public decides whether anyone will be interested, and what chance the music will get to continue. I wonder sometimes if the internet has exploded the former impulse and maybe diminished our memory of the latter…

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    This fine article of Nitsuh’s is blowing up in all of our social media streams. The detail that seems to be grabbing...
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    i had long ago posted a link about how little many up and coming musicians make using spotify and other similar...
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    A reminder of the many meanings of success.
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    What a beautiful way to think of modern musicians
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    An honestly fascinating read, not just if you love Grizzly Bear. you also probably hate being happy if you don’t love...
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