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The one thing that definitely would not happen — not that it wouldn’t ever happen on an individual basis, but it certainly wouldn’t happen in a shared-culture sense — is that a generation of college kids would go down to Cabo for the week and return with a big Mexican dance hit which they then played so much that it became even somewhat popular in the US. Americans abroad tend to be so insular that a typical partier could spend an entire Spring Break on foreign soil and never once hear music they didn’t bring with them.

I have one memorable, anecdotal data point to the contrary! It involves a college freshman coming back from a spring break trip to Mexico, wearily putting down his suitcase, gathering together everyone in the vicinity, and giving a bug-eyed, alarmist speech worthy of Gandalf or Churchill: “I have to warn you about something. It’s coming. There is nothing any of you can do to prevent it. You have to prepare yourselves for it. It’s called the Macarena.”

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    (via tomewing) I was all over this dance when I was younger you guys. I thought the hip-shakey part was gonna make all...
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    I have one memorable, anecdotal data point to the contrary! It involves a college freshman coming back from a spring...
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    My very unscientific impression (even when I was in college many years ago I never really “did” Spring Break) is that...
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    Great reply! THis was my hunch but good to have it confirmed. I did wonder if there was any kind of Spring Break musical...
  5. thevidsarealright said: Judging by tv trailers for festival coverage/holiday programming: current Alex Burke single; new Kylie; anything by/featuring/produced by David Guetta.
  6. douglaswolk said: As Jonathan noted, popfan-age Americans don’t get much in the way of travel-type vacations, and don’t get to go abroad when they do.
  7. jrichmanesq said: definitely happens in the US too. I’d venture Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” is the favorite going into this race, though if I were getting odds on a longshot, my (slightly biased) money is on Jessie James’ “Boys In The Summer”